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Kali Linux Tool. Android Hacking. Sherlock Tool Find usernames across social networks Screenshot. Find usernames across social networks. NOTE: Python 3. For example to search for only one user:.

To search for more than one user:. All of the accounts found will be stored in an individual text file with the corresponding username e. If you are contributing to Sherlock, then Thank You! Before creating a pull request with new development, please run the tests to ensure that everything is working great. It would also be a good idea to run the tests before starting development to distinguish problems between your environment and the Sherlock software The following is an example of the command line to run all the tests for Sherlock.

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This invocation hides the progress text that Sherlock normally outputs, and instead shows the verbose output of the tests. Clone Or Download.

Read More. Hackable - Secret Hacker. Hackable - Secret Hacker is a collection of vulnerable web applications that is distributed on a Virtual Machine.

Download RAR File. Sunday, October 6, DarkFly Tool v4. DarkFly Tool v4. DarkFly-Tool is an installation tool for installing tools. You only have to choose the number. Operating Systems. Webkiller is a fully information gathering tool to make footprinting. Footprinting also known as reconnaissance is the technique used for gathering information about computer systems and the entities they belong to.

To get this information, a hacker might use various tools and technologies. This information is very useful to a hacker who is trying to crack a whole system.

Freefloat FTP Server 1. Freefloat FTP Server.DarkFly Tool- Termux. October 14, DarkFly-Tool is an installation tool for installing tools. You only have to choose the number. Post a Comment. Hello friends, ye toh aap khud jante hai ki auto like, auto comment, Auto Liker kitne intresting or femous hai facebook par. Bahut se friends facebook par profile pic or status ke likes increase karna chahte hai lekin wo kar nahi pate or wo kya galti karte hai wo bhi ishi artical me btauga apko, Konsa liker use kare, kaise use kare or id hack hone ka koi risk hai ya ni toh aap ye artical pura read kare.

Ye baat toh apse chupi ni hai ki facebook dunia ki no. Facebook par apko har insan ka account mil jayega, Bank account chahe ho ya na ho lekin facebook account jarur hoga isme koi do raye nhi hai. Facebook pe like and comment system sbse popular hai yahi karan hai ki humare status ki value pta chlti hai humari pic kitni achi hai ya buri, har koi chahta hai ki uske likes sbse jyada ho, kya aap nhi chahte apke likes jyada ho. Friends sabse muskil tab hoti hai likes ki jab hum new friends bnate hai or humare likes sabse kam aate hai or hume bahut bad feel….

Read more. December 06, Report Karne Ke Liye …. December 11, Download here. Download here Premium. Download here purple version skyvpn. Watch here. Teefa in Trouble Download Here. Hard drives are a good way to store all your data but they can also be damaged due to careless handling.

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This is the time when you need a good recovery plan to overcome all the losses and damages. It has the capacity to recover all kinds of data from hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. The types of files you have lost do not matter here, but it can recover all the deleted images, documents, videos and other files.

It is a complete data recovery solution for rescuing all the files under all kinds of severe conditions. Usually formatted hard drives cannot be recovered, but with 7-Data Recovery Suite this is now possible. In case you accidentally click on the format button, and lose your data completely or from the partitions, it can easily be recovered. You can use this application for your mobile phone and cameras as well. Key features of the application. You can recover 1GB data from any of your devices on the Free edition of the application.

You will have to buy the premium version to recover any further data.

شرح أداة DarkFly-2019.1 الممتازة والرائعة في إختصار الوقت

However, this 1GB data recovery will let you understand the application and learn to work as per the recommended criteria. You can use 7-Data Recovery Suite to recover data from local drives as well as mobile storage devices. You can recover all kinds of files including emails, videos, documents, audio files and more. This means that 7-Data Recovery Suite can be of assistance in case you have lost anything on your drive. There is nothing to worry about losing your important files and being unable to recover them in time.

User interface.

github darkfly

There cannot be a simpler data recovery application than this one. It comprises of a button style menu system that is very easy to understand. All you have to do it select from the types of recovery you are interested in making; from the following choices:.

Then, just follow the instruction and you will be done in a little while. Serial Keys :. It is an easy to use application that is not at all difficult to understand even for the new users.

Download Here 7data recovery website here Hide all ip with crack. Newer Posts Older Posts. How to hack fb with termux mbf hindi urdu language How to see someone Fb Email and Numbers termux Total Visitor.I assume you already have Arch Linux with Internet connection. First, we need to add ArchStrike master repository. Then, run the following commands one by one to initialize the pacman keyring and start dirmngr, then import and sign the key … Continue reading install ArchStrike in ArchLinux on Termux.

This setup script will attempt to set Arch Linux up in your Termux environment aarch64 device. Install Vbug in termux: Requirements: Termux vbug zip file Commands: 1. Arif-Tech September 2, March 16, Leave a comment. Arif-Tech August 4, September 2, Leave a comment. Arif-Tech April 29, April 29, Leave a comment.

Arif-Tech November 18, November 18, Leave a comment. Arif-Tech November 15, November 16, Leave a comment. Arif-Tech November 5, November 5, Leave a comment. Arif-Tech November 5, November 15, Leave a comment. Older posts. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram. Arif-Tech start android hacking with termux on android.

Create a website or blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.So far, we have downloaded, and installed our Kali Linux virtual machine and we have installed updates and taken some measures to secure our Kali image. We are almost ready to start firing off scans, popping some shells and cracking some passwords. But before we do that, there is one more thing we should go over before we get started.

We are going to go over how to install some tools on Kali Linux. Kali Linux contains several penetration testing tools installed by default as well as some that are pre-installed.

However, there are some really good tools that are do not come installed in the image. We are going to install some of them to give you a feel on how to do this when you find a tool you want to use in your Kali Linux image. There are a couple methods we can use to install these tools.

The first tool we are going to install is the Discover script. Discover is a script that automates several passive and active penetration testing tasks. The Discover script was created by Lee Baird.

Installation is a simple process. Open a command terminal in Kali Linux and do the following:. Cracking passwords and performing fuzzing techniques are very crucial skills to know in penetration testing.

However, these skills and tools will never be successful without the proper lists to assist in the process. Kali Linux does come with some wordlists already installed, but there are several more you can find over the internet.

We are going to download this wordlist the same way we downloaded the Discover script using the git clone command. However, this time we are going to direct where we want the file to download which will be the wordlist folder. Then do the following:. Finally, we are going to download and install the OpenVas scanner. OpenVas is an open source vulnerability scanner developed by the team at Greenbone Networks.

To install this, we need to do the following steps:. However, once it does, make a note of the password copy and paste it to a document and url address given to you to launch and login to the scanner. We have now installed some tools for our Kali Linux machine. However, these tools barely scratch the surface of what you can install and use in the wild.

شرح أداة DarkFly 2019.1 يتضمن 487 أداة على Termux ولينكس

There are several more tools and resources out there that can be useful on your journey. You can find many of them on Github, other websites or with a good Google search. You can also find them in several books like the ones I mention here or you can even write your own scripts and tools!

However, you must be be careful and make sure the sources you are downloading from are trusted.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Skip to content. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Sign up. Branch: master. Find file Copy path. Ranginang67 Update main. Raw Blame History. Message "OK""Done! Message "e","Install failed, check your connection. Message "e""Download failed" return 0 md.

How to Install Tools to Kali Linux

Message "OK""Download success" md. HTTPError : md. Message "e""Invalid URL. Message "e""Failed to adding github users. Message "ok""github user Successfully added" MainModule. Message "i""Choose: " except KeyboardInterrupt : md. Message "i""Select github users you want to delete: " except ValueError : md. Message "e""Type must be integer. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

DarkFly tools Supported platform : all Linux distro and termux android. Company : MahesaSystem. Email : ambari. YouTube : Ms. Termux Tested on : Samsung galaxy J5 prime 8.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Real-time object detection and classification. Paper: version 1version 2. Read more about YOLO in darknet and download weight files here. In case the weight file cannot be found, I uploaded some of mine herewhich include yolo-full and yolo-tiny of v1. Just build the Cython extensions in place.

NOTE: If installing this way you will have to use. Let pip install darkflow globally in dev mode still globally accessible, but changes to the code immediately take effect. Android demo on Tensorflow's here. Skip this if you are not training or fine-tuning anything you simply want to forward flow a trained net.

github darkfly

For example, if you want to work with only 3 classes tvmonitorpersonpottedplant ; edit labels. And that's it. You can also set darkflow to load from a custom labels file with the --labels flag i. This can be helpful when working with multiple models with different sets of output labels.

When this flag is not set, darkflow will load from labels. Skip this if you are working with one of the original configurations since they are already there. Otherwise, see the following example:. We can always specify more parameters for such forward passes, such as detection threshold, batch size, images folder, etc. An example json array is shown below. Training is simple as you only have to add option --train. Training set and annotation will be parsed if this is the first time a new configuration is trained.

To point to training set and annotations, use option --dataset and --annotation.

github darkfly

A few examples:. Create a copy of the configuration file tiny-yolo-voc. In tiny-yolo-voc-3c. In our case, classes are set to 3. Change labels.

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In our case, labels. When darkflow sees you are loading tiny-yolo-voc. In this case, every layer will have the same exact number of weights except for the last two, so it will load the weights into all layers up to the last two because they now contain different number of weights. Passing the file path won't work.

When saving the. This way, everything you need to make predictions from the graph and do post processing is contained in those two files - no need to have the. The created. The name of input tensor and output tensor are respectively 'input' and 'output'. To run it on, say, iOS application, simply add the file to Bundle Resources and update the path to this file inside source code.

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